Fireworks show

- Organization and conducting the fireworks show.

- Organization and conducting of laser shows

- Organization and carrying out of fire show

- Sale of fireworks at wholesale prices 


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The possibilities are endless and depend on the submission of the scale of the program. Successful fireworks show - it`s always an exciting spectacle, a fountain of emotion.

Ground Fireworks

Ground fireworks includes fountains, flares, burning labels, logos and ognepady, static and dynamic figures. The peculiarity of such products is that they remain on earth after launch.

This is ideal for themed events. Multistage, colorful, sparkling, they will create an unforgettable, wonderful, enchanting picture. Speech by the use of ground fireworks - a program consisting of a thoughtful elements.

Park level

Park - Fireworks average is used as an alternative, if safety can not use high-altitude fireworks. These products are still on earth, but throw fireworks into the sky to a height of 100 meters. They allow you to use the variety of fireworks. To park level are well-suited Roman candles, beets, batteries, small-caliber fireworks.

Show with park fireworks well it will look at private celebrations and festivities. Visual and noise effects of such a representation stagger the imagination. Due to the high density of fire, various options of locations park fireworks could be the beginning of a grand show and a bunch of colored lights in different versions.

High-altitude level

The most spectacular are considered to be high-altitude fireworks: comets, bird, colorful spheres, geometric shapes - Is the culmination of the fireworks, which reveals all the power and beauty of pyrotechnics. Products of this level are professional and require increased security measures and additional permits. The height of your trip is 300 meters. High-altitude fireworks illuminate the sky flash twinkling spheres loose rubies and emeralds sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

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